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The New York Times reports that CVS will no longer be selling cigarettes or any tobacco product in an effort to promote better health for consumers. Instead they intend to sell only those products that will help their customers quit smoking.


Electronic Cigarettes

Welcome CVS, to the world of electronic cigarettes, where the purveyors of electronic cigarettes have always advocated for a better way to stop using tobacco.  Research studies have shown that electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking.  Approximately 60 percent of smokers were more likely to succeed in stopping smoking if they used e-cigarettes as opposed to a nicotine patch or nicotine gum. 

The study published in the journal Addiction explains that the vapor produced by the electronic cigarettes contain some nicotine, but not tobacco smoke, therefore reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms in smokers.


The Best Electronic Cigarettes

The design of an electronic cigarette or electronic smoking device is fairly standard and you'll find them all to be similar.  The physical design of the electronic cigarette is much like a conventional tobacco cigarette, making it familiar to the smoker who is trying to quit.  The best electronic cigarettes give the benefits of the physical act and sensation of smoking, without the adverse effects of tobacco toxins.  And, the best electronic smoking devices, and their accessories, are those that contain the purest, safest e-juices and flavorings.  For that, you must consult with a premier e-liquid manufacturer.


E-Liq:  The Best E-Liquid for the Best E-Cigarette Experience

E-Liq is a pioneer in the manufacture and production of e-liquid. The team at E-Liq is dedicated to providing consumers with the best electronic cigarette smoking experience.  They offer  a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and electronic smoking devices, as well as the finest E-liquid with which to fill and refill the device so that you can get the most satisfactory vapor smoking experience which in turn will help you stop smoking once and for all.


The Benefits of  E-Liq Electronic Cigarettes

The factor that distinguished using electronic cigarettes with E-Liq is their addition of creative E-liquid flavorings.  Proudly offering over 200 flavors, your cravings for tobacco smoke will be greatly diminished.  You can feel confident with a premier product like E-Liq who meets all standard and guidelines set by the FDA and USP, as eel as using Kosher materials.  You'll find no finer E-Liquid product and offered at an excellent price point as well.