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E-Cigarette Deluxe CE4

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E-Cigarette Deluxe CE4

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New Technology of Eliq-Carts
with Big E-Liquid Capacity and Vapor

This is the new E-Cig generation of CE4 with new technology of electronic cigarette cartomizer and Eliq-Cart. We have recently improved the Eliq-Cart and there is no leakage problem any more. It is rated the best electronic cigarette of the world.

Q: What is Eliq-Cart?
A: Eliq-Cart is a new generation of the electronic cigarette cartomizer which contains only E-Liquid inside without any sponge material. Eliq-Cart is a boiling permanent cartomizers. You will not need to change the cartomizer any more by just refilling the e-liquid inside. It is safer to smoke without burning of the sponge material. There is no burning smell any more. It contains much more E-Liquid and get much more effective smoke quantity with the new technology of cartomizer.

Electronic Cigarette CE4 features:

1. With elegant and fashionable appearance;
2. Two atomizer, large vapor, compatible with Ego, Ego-T, Ego-C, Ego-W etc.;
3. Conveniently refill liquid with syringe;
4. No burnt taste and no leakage:
5. Imitated inhaler fit with mouth, more comfortable to inhale;
6. you can DIY your CE4 by yourself, make the selections, customize your own special CE4 with the thousands of combinations.

Electronic Cigarette CE4 Package includes:

- Two Batteries with 650MAH or 1100MAH
- Two Eliq-Carts with mouthpieces (transparent Atomizer with big e-liquid capacity)
- ONE USB charging cable
- ONE Wall charger Extra Eliq-Carts with mouthpieces (transparent Atomizer with big e-liquid capacity)
- ONE Pouch
- ONE Needle bottles
- One Package Box

Electronic Cigarette CE4 Characteristics:

- Diameter: 13mm
- Length: 128 mm
- Weight: 44 g
- Cartomizer capacity: 1.6ml
- Full Battery capacity: about 500 or 1000 puffs
- Battery capacity: 650 or 1100 mAh
- Battery lifespan: 650 times
- Full charging time: 2-3 hours.
- Trouble-free, easy to clean, easy to maintain;
- No leakage at all;
- This Eliq-Cart can be compatible with all the eGo and CE4 models, including 510, eGo, eGo-C, eGo-W, eGo-T, CE4 models.

How to Refill the E-Liquid for Eliq-Cart?

It is easy to refill E-Liquid: just remove the top cap, drop E-Liquid inside the tube wall(not in the middle hole).

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