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Welcome to E-Liq! E-Liq is the pioneer in manufacturing and providing wholesale e-liquid that will satisfy you to the fullest. We work hard to ensure that the product we deliver to you is accurate and reliable. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best electronic smoking experience. Our e-liquid is a top seller and one of the best in the market. We make sure that we follow the guidelines provided by cGMP, world class standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process of e-liquids. Our e-liquids maintain USP and Kosher grade, the nicotine utilized is of 99.5% purity pharmaceutical grade, which is the best nicotine to make e-liquid. Moreover, our products are aligned with strict health management and quality control systems in order to provide the safest products. For manufacturing purposes, we use ingredients of the finest quality and not only do we use the best flavorings for our e-liquids, but the right proportion of those flavorings as well, which sets us apart from other competition in the e-liquid market.

With E-Liq you can select the PG and VG levels in your e-juices according to your needs. It is all about the end experience which is solely based on the right proportions. The liquid nicotine is mixed with PG or VG or both according to the needs of each individual customer. If the customer complains about the vape being too harsh, order e-liquid with more VG. If any customer wants a stronger smoke, then add an increased level of PG. We are more than happy to customize the e-juices for you with personalized desired ratios of PG and/or VG. E-Liq offers more than 300 flavors. In addition, we offer the most different nicotine densities with each flavor you choose. Buying wholesale e-liquids from E-Liq allows each customer access to our new products and promotions before they reach shelves in the retail market. At E-Liq we work hard and make sure to give our customers the best smoking experience possible. We value our customer’s business and are open to and appreciate feedback.


As low as $0.57/lb for Vegetable Glycerin, $1.25/lb for Propylene Glycol, $193/Liter for Nicotine.